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Loose Agenda


  • where we're at...
    • money pledged
    • update on RitRo space


  • overview
    • breaking up space
      • 40% open/collab
      • 30% private offices/anchor tenants
      • 20% 1-2 conference rooms
      • 10% commons/hallway/kitchen
    • services wanted
    • what we can each do (available time/resources/skills)



next steps


    • other locations (2-3)
      • 5 doors down
      • what will it take to get Jungmann out?
    • nail down date for selecting a site : april 15th sounds right but may not be realistic
      • decide on a percentage of founders who have to be happy in order to commit to site
      • voting on spaces?
    • business models
    • promotions
    • evaluating the space
      • power
      • accessible bathroom
      • plumbing
      • permits/contractors
      • government grants (?)
      • what kind of organization is this?
    • bootstrapping -- just get a space in the near term to establish a core group that could be a jumping off point to the next space
  • possibility: find a second floor space off main street for first 6 months, jumping off to more permanant space
    • dedicated actos to take care of certain responsibilities
    • security?
  • residential vs commercial? (jeff: up to the landlord)
    • foot traffic restrictions
  • openness as much as possible ...


How East Bay Cohousing does it


  • Recognize that the group/phase we are in now is an umbrella group, about education and facilitation and assemblage and searching
  • group formation - sufficient dollars and people is the threshold to move forward with a certain site, don't make it captive to consensus of all.
  • come up with general principles to guide action, and specific values for a specific group
  • develop tools to easily mix-and-match people and preferences and site characteristics, to make this easier to manage.




  • business model
  • software can grow over time... bootstrap mode w/ fewer rules, less market-driven; adapts over time as usage changes
  • use the name "ritual working"




Two weeks to find a space... negotiate w/ 3 potential spaces...

locations we want to concentrate around:

16th + de haro

20th + valencia

south park



SOMA, Petrero Hill, Mission


  • Ted -- 4 hours thurs will look into Potrero (16th and De Haro), site visit; glue -- things falling through the crack... summary by end of this week of 3 spaces...
  • Enric -- photos of places that Ted looks at in Portrero, post recording to the wiki
  • Tara -- look into South Park for opportunities
  • Eric -- look into the other space down the street from RitRo (will check into place across 21st), blue collar contacts, will watch craigslist
  • Chris -- get ritual working website up (sfcoworking -- tehspace), blog about other possibilities in the area (niall?), will give ryanne contact info for niall, will contact France Telecom about gauging interest, talk to Compumentor about interest
  • Josh/Ryanne/Jay -- blogging, will visit the space, vlogging promotions/telling stories
  • Josh -- document Creative Guild space on the wiki
  • Jeff -- blogging, craiglist, ride bike around and find available spaces... will look into theater space @ 16th
  • Schlomo -- contact a commercial realtor and report back to group (via Chris)
  • Holly -- blog about it (will video spaces as necessary)
  • Raines -- intro to Environmental Busines Cluster ("co-officing" in Oakland), will post info here about Hillside Club (Berkeley) space and Swans Market Cohousing (downtown Oakland) space potentially available for a "dry-run" "day of coworking", call it what you like, a chance to try it on, better understand your own needs/preferences and for others to have a little experience working through things with you.



Blogging... by all! tags: coworking/sfcoworking/tehspace


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