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Page history last edited by Rosie Sherry 12 years, 11 months ago

UPDATE Jan 09 - unfortunately we closed:( We will be back again, bigger & better!!!


UPDATE: we now have an official website for this venue, http://geekspaces.com/gemini 

...and a twitter account http://twitter.com/geminiupstairs

picture courtesy @yandle


Soon Brighton will have its own coworking cafe/bar on the beach! (map)

Brighton is the digital hub of the U.K. and has a huge supportive community (list of Brighton Twitterers).

Thanks to local entrepreneur Josh Russell's (web, twitter) contacts within Zelgrain Ltd. who run a number of local bars (and the Drink in Brighton site), we have been offered use of the upstairs bar at Gemini's on the beach (in front of The Brighton Centre) for our geek/business networking cafe/bar. Josh will be running the space along with Drupal/CMS developer and Free/Libre Open Source Software expert Steve Purkiss (web, twitter). 

Here's a first look inside the space - there'll be a lick of paint and some new furniture before we move in, but good to get a little look as it is now: 

picture courtesy @stevepurkiss

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video courtesy @stevepurkiss


Preview - the cafe so far



  • The goal of this space is to prove there is a need
  • This will also help in order to be able to gain further funding/support to create a larger space with meeting rooms, quiet work areas, etc. 



  • Free wifi.
  • Streaming presentations/events through something like ustream.tv
  • Food will be served all day, with snacks available at night.
  • We're going to be selling alcohol after 6pm Mon-Thurs, 1pm+ on Fridays, all day Sat & Sun (subject to change, see how it goes!).
  • We understand Gemini's currently has a license until 2am but this should be variable, will need to find out. 



After lots of discussion, we've decided "upstairs @ gemini's" will be the name, because... erm... it's already named that, everyone knows where gemini's is, and there's already signage saying that there!

We've yet to decide a name for the place, here's a few which have been mentioned so far! 

  • The Progress Bar
  • The Apple & Penguin
  • Salty Bits
  • Longfin and Lancer
  • the hub
  • node zero
  • zero one
  • culture hub
  • the open
  • open hub
  • open node
  • brighton node
  • The Monobloc (for the sci-fi fans)
  • (add your suggestions here) 



We've had great reception and feedback from the local community through our posts on the Brighton New Media List and are looking forward to using the space to hold a number of local events, including: 

  • Mondays -
  • Tuesdays - FlashBrighton
  • Wednesdays - Brighton Farm freelancers meetup
  • Thursdays - last Thursday of every month Brighton Bloggers
  • Fridays - Tuttle/Social Media Cafe
  • Saturdays -
  • Sundays - {sunday sessions - music/film/etc.?}
  • A student night which will help mix/integrate them with the local business/tech/new media community
  • (add suggestions here) 


Events that'd be nice to have

  • £5app
  • skillswap lightning talks
  • sussex geek dinners
  • geek wine thing




  • Provisional opening date of Monday 1st Dec 2008!

  • Finding out when the next Licensee tests are as we need two licensees (i.e. Josh & Steve).

  • Sent a list of requirements to Zelgrain as to what we need - now sent, being sorted out as we speak:

    • extra power sockets
    • windows sealed up a little better as winter coming soon!
    • two desks which possibly could be moved in the evening if event
    • lick of paint
    • decent coffee machine
  • Setting up the online presence
  • Food - working out some figures to see if we can get our own person in to do food or whether we can just resell other local suppliers as there's many who provide lovely food! - had meeting with Davide who does the tiffins for thewerks, he is possibly interested.
  • Drinks - need to decide what stock we're going to hold - zelgrain going to give us a 'starter pack' ;)

    Drink requests

    Special requests? Add 'em here, and we'll do our best:


    • Frulli 


    • Mountain Dew


    How you can help

    Add stuff to this page!!!

    If you don't want to create an account here, feel free to email me at steve at purkiss dot com with your suggestions/additions and I'll put them up on this page for you - thanks!!