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Sharedspace – Find & share great coworking spaces at sharedspace.co.nz   

    Auckland Coworking Spaces      

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  • We are developing a co-working space in Auckland central, focused mainly on social entrepreneurs, small NGOs and other social pioneers to promote learning, innovation and collaboration to better enable their desired social and environmental impact. We are looking to start for real in early 2011, but will have a soft opening in late 2010. We are modeling loosely on The Hub.

         Aucklanders interested are encourages to contact me on [email protected].

          cheers Murray



  •  The BizDojo - www.bizdojo.com - View on Google Maps - email @Bizdojo

    • Welcome to a new way to work. Forget business as usual, we support new ways of thinking, acting and working together to get results faster.
    • The BizDojo provides a network of fully serviced Creation Spaces - a cutting edge co-working­ environmen­t targeted at entreprene­urs in the creative and high-tech industries­.
    • Residents use the BizDojo as a coworking space, a space to host and attend events and a business support space. 
    • Our Auckland Dojo has been up and running for over a 18 months, and we have attracted some amazing people to our community. It's the people that are our secret to success, more so than the great environment and resources we provide. We have people at the top of their industry, ranging from design, illustration, animation, motion graphics, and software development ... all the way to PR consultants and business mentors. 
    • Our Wellington Dojo space has completed its transformation from a warehouse to a creation space and is now open.
      • 2 Meeting rooms 
      • Flexible workspaces
      • All inclusive: Ethernet, wifi, coffee, tea and printing 
      • Casual, Part-time and Full-time options
    • Let's talk. Contact Nick, our Auckland community manager & have a chat about the option that fits you best!.