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Existing Spaces

These are the current coworking spots in the Dresden metro area: 

Dies sind die momentan existierenden CoWorkingSpaces im Dresdner Raum:


cloudsters Dresden

Web: dresden.cloudsters.net

Description: community of a we-generation

Location: Bautzner Straße 22 Hinterhaus, 01099 Dresden

Cost: one day coworking a week starts at 35,70€ (inclusive taxes) per month

Details: dresden.cloudsters.net

Contact: [email protected]


Kunst + BAU

Description:  www.freie-akademie-dresden.de



Contact: janina.kracht@web.de



Description: LamettaNest, Kostümbildner, Stylisten, etc.

Location: Buchenstraße, Hechtviertel 

Details: LamettaNest

Capacity: ...

Cost: €

Contact: Evelyna Schubert 



Web: Neonworx

Location: Marienstraße 20, 01067 Dresden 

Details: Neonworx

Capacity: ...

Cost: €

Contact: ...



Description: Geh8 - an inspirational and work place for artists and architects

Location: Gehestraße 8, Dresden 

Details: ateliers for painters, artists and architects  

Capacity: ...

Cost: €

Contact: Paul Elsner



Description: Gründerschmiede - entrepreneurial incubator strongly connected with HTW Dresden 

Location: Gutzkowstraße 

Details: ...  

Capacity: ...

Cost: €

Contact: ... 


Interested Parties 


closed Spaces



Description: CoOrpheum

Location: Kamenzer Straße 19, 01099 Dresden

Details: -

Capacity: closed

Cost: -

Contact: CoWorking Dresden e.V.


LockSchuppen - FutureLab2056 • SingularAcademy • CollaborationSpace 

Description:  Lockschuppen as the place for CoWorking and beyond 

Location: currently at various places - check with RalfLippold 

Details: Offering traditional CoWorking, additionally providing training workshops for members and interested people for using freely available technologies to improve working and business processes, being the hub for future networked business opportunities.

Highlights: follow us on Twitter, LockSchuppen offers shares for your contribution to the project with your 

Capacity: 500 sqm ballroom for workshops/ brainstormings + indivdual smaller meeting rooms

Cost: ... in progress

Contact: RalfLippold, RainerWasserfuhr via @LockSchuppen 

Contributors@s8ren@MarcoDziallas & more

Follow us on: 



Description: Friedrichstadtzentral

Location: Friedrichstraße 52 (backyard) 

Details: Friedrichstadtzentral

Capacity: ...

Cost: €

Contact: Barbara Lubich (President), artist, fashion designers


7. Stock 

Description: 7.Stock - artists above the City of Dresden in a penthouse office floor 

Location: Pirnaischer Platz 3, Dresden

Details: ...  

Capacity: ...

Cost: €

Contact: ...