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Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 12 months ago

Quick Update: http://www.thehubhalifax.ca/

Can't get much quicker than that.

More soon.

 Planning on opening a co-working space up in Halifax, NS.


I currently own a rehearsal space for bands so I don't foresee too many issues going from scheduling rooms for bands to scheduling desks for you(?).



I also run an indie label and manage a few bands. Plans to grow that business means we will have to find an office and as a tech loving entrepreneur the idea of surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs, programmers and creative types is pretty exciting - hence the coworking route.






I have some interest from potential users including programmers, another entrepreneur and a small office staff needing a new space who find the idea of coworking very exciting.






My hope for the space is that it becomes a networking hub for business/creative types much in the same way as my rehearsal spaces have become a hub for musicians.

I would like to eventually have the space host regular evening or weekend events covering everything from user show and tell nights, to talks on maintaining work-life balance [I probably need to join a workaholics group] to presentations on the latest online services/time stealers to wine and art appreciation sessions.






Beyond simply providing a space to work I hope it turns people onto new ideas and interests. I also hope for a space that will allow for simple things such as a podcast recording or interview room/booth.  A space allowing for a library/quiet room, and a nice sized conference room would be ideal.






I am currently looking for spaces on the peninsula and am posting around online to see what other input I receive, see if anyone else is lurking around here from Halifax and maybe find some additional potential users.







Anyone interested in any aspect of this can get in touch via:


email: [email protected]

phone: 902-404-7007

skype: from.here.to.there







I will update this page as things progress.