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Page history last edited by Carl @FellowCreative 10 years, 1 month ago

Thought I'd create a mini poll to see if there is demand for co-working centre somewhere in Kent. Probably Maidstone or Medway being as they are the largest concentrations of population. So, please leave your name here if you're even slightly interested ;)

- Jamie.


Interested Parties



Hi Jamie,


Kent's longest standing coworking space is http://coFWD.org in Rochester (Medway, Kent).

There's also http://fruitworks.co in Canterbury and http://union23.com in Maidstone.

All three are very different so dependent on the culture and types of people/likeminds you're looking it's worth checking them out all.

PS. If you're looking to try coworking out for free, coFWD runs a monthly Jelly: http://cofwd.org/jelly


I hope that helps. Don't hesitate to say hello, I'll do what I can to answer your questions :)

Positive thoughts, Carl @FellowCreative (cofounder @coFWD)





Hi Jamie,

A new coworking space in Canterbury (Kent) has been opened called Fruitworks Coworking. The website can be found here : http://fruitworks.co/

Feel free to get in touch or come take a visit of the place anytime. We are open 8.30 til 7 Monday to Friday including most bank holidays :)


Cheers - Tony