Thought I'd create a mini poll to see if there is demand for co-working centre somewhere in Kent. Probably Maidstone or Medway being as they are the largest concentrations of population. So, please leave your name here if you're even slightly interested ;)

- Jamie.


Interested Parties



Hi Jamie,


Kent's longest standing coworking space is in Rochester (Medway, Kent).

There's also in Canterbury and in Maidstone.

All three are very different so dependent on the culture and types of people/likeminds you're looking it's worth checking them out all.

PS. If you're looking to try coworking out for free, coFWD runs a monthly Jelly:


I hope that helps. Don't hesitate to say hello, I'll do what I can to answer your questions :)

Positive thoughts, Carl @FellowCreative (cofounder @coFWD)





Hi Jamie,

A new coworking space in Canterbury (Kent) has been opened called Fruitworks Coworking. The website can be found here :

Feel free to get in touch or come take a visit of the place anytime. We are open 8.30 til 7 Monday to Friday including most bank holidays :)


Cheers - Tony