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A long, long time ago, when coworking was still young (2007, 2008!) a few people started gathering on a mailing-list for the region, hoping that one day, a coworking space or two would emerge. Many years and many coworking spaces later, this early community had all but dissolved. Today, coworking spaces of the French-speaking part of Switzerland are loosely connected through the Coworking Romand website, Facebook group, and meetups.


Lake Geneva (or Lac LĂ©man as it is known by those of us who live here) is on the border between French-speaking Switzerland and France. On its shores, you'll find cities like Villeneuve, Montreux, Vevey, Lausanne, Morges, Rolle, Nyon, Geneva, Evian, Thonon (and others).

Distances are small in this area, and those interested in coworking did not always live close enough to one another to have the opportunity to start projects together. 


Existing spaces can now be found mainly here:



You might find more spaces on the Coworking Romand website or the Coworking Switzerland association's member directory.