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 The Queensboro Bridge over the East River: Gateway to L.I.C.



I have a spacious and sunny two-bedroom apartment in Long Island City that I'd like to run as a coworking. My current roommate (with the bigger sunnier room) is leaving in August. I'd keep my small room in back. The rest of the place would be dedicated to the office. I'm pretty flexible about what the final product is, so long as the other half of the rent (about $650.00) gets paid.


Check out this site: mattcoop.com/apartment.  I originally used the site to find a roommate. It has a floor plan, neighborhood info, descriptions, and photos.




Show your interest by adding your name to this list:


Full Name Blog/Org/Etc Email/a/t/domain/d/o/t/TLD Phone
Matt Cooperrider Bandillero.com mattcoop/a/t/gmail/d/o/t/com



 Karina Longworth vidiocy.com  karina/a/t/vidiocy/d/o/t/com



I see the space as having a lot of community functions (and potential revenue sources).  Add your suggestions to the list:


1. Tenants that pay a regular fee for office space.

2. Parties, music events

3. Film screenings (the lving room is shaped nicely for a projection screen theater)

4. Informal language classes for the neighborhood

5. Workshops of any sort

6. Use your imagination


It would also be conceivable to work out a deal with the building management company to take on some of the management responsibilities in exchange for a deal on the rent.  The building is currently, shall we say, undermanaged.


External Resources 


  • My Location: A Google map of my area
  • NYC Zoning Regulations: NYC Dept. of City Planning posts zoning laws online
  • L.I.C. Rezoning: NYC Dept. of City planning is rezoning L.I.C. to be more friendly for office space.  This is good news for long-term coworking in L.I.C.  My current place is outside the proposed target area, but nearby.
  • Home Office Outlaw: An overview of the legality of home offices in New York