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Spacecubed - Coworking | Collaboration | Innovation 

Ground Floor, 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia and;
Level 1, 131 St Georges Terrace, Perth, Western Australia.
www.spacecubed.com | [email protected]

Spacecubed is a network of CoworkingCollaboration and Innovation Spaces and Communities across Western Australia. These spaces have been co-designed with the communities that use them, with a mix of Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Changemakers who want to get their idea off the ground. To reduce this barrier it offers a range of work spaces, meeting rooms, events and collaboration opportunities.

Spacecubed consists of

  • 1/3 Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs
  • 1/3 Technology and Creative Startups and
  • 1/3 Government and Corporate projects

We believe that real innovation and social innovation comes from co-locating a diverse range of Entrepreneurs, Sectors and Organisations to increase their opportunity for ideas, collaboration and innovation. Full information on memberships and space can be found at Spacecubed.com 

Follow events and activities on facebook and twitter

Bloom: Nurturing Young Entrepreneurs 
BloomLab, St Catherine's College, 2 Park Road
Crawley, Western Australia 6009 
www.bloom.org.au | [email protected]

Bloom is a community of young entrepreneurs in Perth, Western Australia creating amazing things. 

We provide workshops, co-working space, mentoring and more to accelerate the growth of high-potential young entrepreneurs. Since 2015, we have led over 3,000 attendees through more than 100 skill-focused events, and our BloomLab co-working space at St Catherine's College in Perth, Western Australia is home to 50 young entrepreneurs and counting. 

Full-time coworking membership starts at just $49/month. So what are you waiting for? If you have an idea, prototype or business and want to take it further with our support, apply now to become a Bloom member!

Full info on memberships and space can be found at bloom.org.au

Follow our events and activities on Facebook and Twitter  



Silicon Beach House

Level 2 / 90 King Street, Perth

Drop in, or contact Richard Giles  (CEO of Scouta) for more information.

We're looking to envigorate innovation in Perth with our coworking space. The aim is to encourage a fun, productive, and a fruitful collaborative community. Drop in if your interested.







fSpace - Coworking, Collaboration

18/27 Market Street, Fremantle, Western Australia, Australia 

fspace.me | [email protected] | @fSpace_me


A new creative co-working space in Fremantle,Perth, Australia is on it’s way! If you’re looking for an awesome space with awesome people please get in touch – [email protected] Limited spaces available





Atomic Sky Tech Hub


Connect | Create | Grow


4 Money Street, Northbridge WA 6003


At Atomic Sky Tech Hub, we exist to inspire you. With exclusive benefits and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, start-ups and independent professionals across a range of fields, our mission is to build environments that support and enhance creativity, innovation and collaboration to empower small businesses and position them for success.

Created by passionate entrepreneurs Andy Lamb, Simon MacFarlane, Barry Davies and Arna Jade the Tech Hub was born to help likeminded, driven individuals come together to build their dream businesses. Members are able to brainstorm with the hub community and be in a constant environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation.


























































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