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Coworking In Pittsburgh



Looking for Group Pittsburgh

Coworking and Gaming Center

LFG is a combined gaming/coworking location in Brookline, PA. We are focused on community building and working together, even with people who are just showing up to play games. The space is split so the gaming doesn't spill into the coworking at all. Our first month for cowork desks is October 2015. Come check us out!


Membership includes:

  • 24x7 Access
  • Whiteboards, stickies, printer, coffee, kitchenette 
  • Access to LAN resources during off hours
  • Cintiq Tablet
  • Conference Room Access
  • Community Chat 
  • Quick walk to Las Palmas (tacos!), Cannon Coffee, Pitaland and more 


Contact Us:

Address: 924 Brookline Blvd, Pittsburgh PA  15226

Web: http://www.lfgpgh.com

Twitter: @lfgpgh

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lfgpgh


The Hardware Store



We believe that you are the solution. Your talent, pursuit of risk, and determination can create amazing and important things. All you need are the right resources in one place. The Hardware Store offers Pittsburgh Coworking and Technology Services. That’s how we are different. We’re more than just a desk and fast internet. We are a collection of startups, nonprofits, and freelance professionals. Our community collaborates to satisfy big contracts that pay the bills. But, we also work together to move each others' ideas forward. Contact us today to set up a visit.


Membership includes unique features:

  • Green screen and LED lighting
  • Podcasting suite and isolated voiceover booths
  • Custom-built workstations loaded with Adobe Cloud products
  • Conference rooms and private meeting areas


  Address: 744 E. Warrington Ave.  Pittsburgh, PA  15210 
 (412) 376-7284
  Web: http://workhardpgh.com
  Twitter: @workhardpgh

Bruno Works


Bruno Works is a work space for tiny little start-ups.

WHAT is Bruno Works?
40 desks. 40 office chairs. Conferencing. Meeting. Gathering. Exposed wooden beams. Painted brick walls. Coffee machines. Kitchen. Phone room. Fast internet. Bike parking. 3,500 sf. of light-filled loft. Co-working space.

WHERE is Bruno Works?
945 Liberty Ave. at Smithfield, downtown Pittsburgh. Upper floors. The Bruno Building, over the Toonseum.

WHO is Bruno Works?

You! Members enjoy large desks, comfy chairs, and a "make" station with art supplies in addition to all the normal amenities like free coffee, high-speed wi-fi, and a full-size kitchen. 


For more information about Bruno Works, call 412-434-7080 or [email protected] And join one of our monthly Community Creative School events!


Thinktank - Workspace for Creative Minds


ThinkTank is currently without a space and is looking for a new location. We have something lined up in downtown, but we need commitments (not payments) for a year from at least 10 people. The rate is $199 per month. We're now welcoming new members. Check the website for more details. 

Thinktank provides shared office space for writers, programmers, consultants and others looking for affordable workspace away from the distractions of daily life. Members enjoy 24-hour access to the space, free wi-fi, network printer and their own email address.

The Coworking movement is just getting off the ground in the Pittsburgh area. Many writers, programmers, designers, graphic artists and other entrepreneurs find they can work in a spare bedroom, library or coffee shop. However, many of us professional freelancers find that we need a little more structure and a little less distraction. We also like to work with other creative people to generate a little more energy and motivation. Thinktank opened in April 2006 in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bellevue. 

Please speak up if you're interested in getting involved in this or any other coworking project in the Pittsburgh area. Add to this page or send an email to the address below. 

Watch this space for details about the new coworking location. Get involved by sending email to Tom at the address below. 

Other coworking spaces also have started to form in the Pittsburgh region. We would love to hear from anyone interested in getting involved in Thinktank, or any other coworking spaces. We welcome additions to this page from anyone involved in a coworking project. 

For more information about Thinktank, contact Tom at 412-720-2218 or [email protected]. 


Coworking in Sewickley, PA (ten minutes from the Pittsburgh International Airport, twenty minutes from downtown Pittsburgh) 

 Sewickley Office Suites consists of 8,400 Square Feet of furnished, wired space in the Car Barn Shops Building in the Village of Sewickley.  

Please visit our Blog.


We intend to serve the market for furnished, collaborative space in the Pittsburgh area.



CommuniTea Office, LLC

CommuniTea Office


My name is Margaret and my business partner Yvette and I are opening a co-working space in Pittsburgh, called the CommuniTea Office. We'll have co-working spaces available on one side of our establishment and good tea/eats on the other side. Right now we're looking for the right space and to build our membership base. Check out our blog (http://communiteaoffice.wordpress.com/)  to follow our progress and I'll be back here soon to update with pricing/packages etc! Thanks,


[email protected]





Catapult is a coworking space at 5139 Penn Ave. We are opening January 1st after some renovations. We have a small but active community and would love to have you. Check out our website here and a press write-up from the post here



Revv Oakland

Revv is a coworking space for technology startup companies, located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s Oakland neighborhood at 122 Meyran Ave. Our 5000 sq ft facility offers a centrally located, affordable and productive work environment for early stage companies that need to move fast without breaking the bank. We offer inexpensive monthly leases, and connections to resources that save time and money, so that companies can focus on building product, getting customers and growing their business. We have 20,000+ sq ft spread across several nearby buildings, and will be expanding as needed to accommodate groups of all sizes. More info is on our website and in some recent press in the Pgh Biz Times and Pop City




StartUptown is an urban campus/incubator for technology and social innovation. We are a nonprofit organization that provides collaborative work and living space for early-stage entrepreneurs and their companies at below market rates. We are conveniently located in the Pittsburgh Central Keystone Innovation Zone (PCKIZ), right smack dab in the middle, between Oakland and Downtown, the building sits at 1936 Fifth Avenue. The PCKIZ provides tech startups up to $25,000 in grant dollars, easy access to tax credits, and paid internships through the 4 universities (Duquesne, Carlow, and Point Park Universities, and CCAC) — plus other benefits. These connections to resources and money, coupled with below market rate rent, allow companies and individuals to focus on growing their business!  

Learn more:  StartUptown  |  Twitter   |   Facebook   |    News