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St Louis Coworking Locations

  • Deskpass - St Louis Coworking & Shared Space Membership 
    • Deskpass offers access to over 15 of the finest Coworking & Shared Workspaces in St. Louis with a single, affordable monthly membership. Deskpass members can work at the same space up to five times every month or someplace new every day through the use of an easy web app.
    • Try Deskpass for Free for your first month. A great way to try Coworking! 
    • Pricing starts at $49  and the membership is month to month. 





Nexcore is a coworking... energized. At Nexcore, members have the opportunity to collaborate with entrepreneurs and top business coaches to help them thrive in a high-energy, professional and amenity rich environment. Equipped with the latest technology, Nexcore ensures members will have every resource they need at their fingertips.


Nexcore St. Louis is committed to being the resource for the growing business professional and entrepreneur. In addition to the Nexcore building, an amenity itself, members also have the opportunity to partner with the Nexcore family of companies including Nexcore Marketing Group, Nexcore Fitness, Nexcore Coaching, Nexcore Consulting, and Nexcore Financial.


Website: Nexcore

Address: 2631 Gravois Ave, St. Louis, MO 63118

Phone: 314.635.0500



Industrious St. Louis


Industrious St. Louis is a beautifully designed and modern space located in the heart of downtown St. Louis, just steps from the Arch. Made up of private offices and coworking surrounding shared common space, this is an environment you can comfortably bring clients or investors. It's more than just a desk and office, though; with a vibrant and thriving community of professionals and a great Community Manager and serving local treats, fruit, and Blueprint coffee daily, this is a place you're excited and proud to work in. 


Website: Industrious

Address: Industrious St. Louis; 555 Washington Avenue St. Louis, Missouri 63101

Hours: Members 24/7, Visitors 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Phone: 314.414.3386




TEAM STL Coworking:

Lori - lori.e.white at gmail - http://lolololori.blogspot.com - twitter.com/lolololori

Heather - salseraheather at gmail - http://www.linkedin.com/in/heatherjonesstl

James - macgeo at gmail & twitter (voting for maplewood- also seems to work for hacker community)


- for more general info on coworking, check in here : http://groups.google.com/group/coworking - I'll be there!



Kelly - [email protected], 314.452.5426

Mary - [email protected], 917.519.1942 


The CoWorkShop - St. Louis:

We aim to create a community of current and aspiring business owners who thrive in an environment where we value determination over doubt, action over apathy, connection over competition and support over discouragement.


Much more than a place to work, The CoWorkShop is a place to thrive; offering an exceptional foundation for collaboration, education and innovation on a daily basis. Step away from the boring office environment or the isolation of your home office and enter The CoWorkShop.




The CoWorkShop


73 Chesterfield Center


Chesterfield, MO 63017