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one tool to bind them


As we build up our coworking space in Paris, and after the discussions that took place at barcamp Austin II, thanks to our friends from CitizenSpace, here is some information about a suite of tools that could help the coworking community.


The tools need to be opened, with a common core system that must have a simple API, and more specific apps around it.. like an onion.


The 3 main components are about :

  • handling the coworking space (seats, booking, stats, ..) and networking them
  • uniting coworkers (social networking, chat, auth, recomandation, skills profile, ...)
  • helping coworkers manage projects, working with other coworkers from the world.


This tools need to have slightly different functionnalities depending on their scope :

  • local scope
  • the city (or near the coworking space)
  • the world



Components->The spaceThe workersThe projects


We in Paris can work on workers/projects. Ready to set up a trac and a svn to start building together. We'll have a micro barcamp to discuss the specs in Paris.



Existing tools


New tool proposal


  • P2PMoney application- Developing an open source application for tracking/projecting expenses and money pooling, tracking revenue shares and paying revenue shares to project participants. Please off feedback at BarCampBank google group



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