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CoworkingVisa - Oklahoma 


Oklahoma City 


1141 W. Sheridan Ave. OKC, OK 73103 
Hours of Operation 9 AM - 5:00 PM Monday-Friday 
Website | Twitter

Who/how to contact: Contact Ava at [email protected]
Keep in mind: Walk-ins permitted, can use any open, available desk or lounge space. Conference rooms available pending availability.
Membership verification: Email us with contact info of your current space.
Terms: Up to 3 days free, business hours only. Nights and weekends subject to nominal day rate fees. Normal daily use rates apply after 3 days used.


Who/how to contact: E-mail.

Keep in mind: Up to 3 days for day-desk use.

Membership verification: Email or call us with contact info for you current space. 





Who/How to Contact: E-Mail.

Keep in mind: Up to 2 free days for day-desk use 9 AM - 5 PM, please contact at least 2 days in advance. Free coffee is available.

Membership Verification: Email us with contact info of your current space.

Click here for a map.