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GREEN COWORKING = http://greencoworking.tumblr.com/

Tips and green coworking logotype.


This is just a space for jotting down notes on green coworking. Feel free to add/edit.


There are four main areas:


The work:


  1. Energy
    1. Conserve
      1. change light bulbs for CFL ( Compact Flourescent Lightbulbs) or LED lights (less production & electromagnetic pollutions) - they are MUCH better than they used to be.
      2. Kill-a-watt - try to avoid "phantom power" from chargers that are left plugged in when they're not charging anything
    2. Buy renewable energy certificates to offset power usage and become carbon neutral via SustainableWebsites.com/wind.php or other vendors such as 3Phases, TerraPass, RenewableChoice or Green Mountain Energy.
    3. For people using desktop computers, bend your choices to computers with good energy saving abilities and low consumption peripherals & wireless hardwares (for example with high efficiency power supply).
  2. Waste


  1. Reduce -
  2. Reuse -
  3. Recycle -Participate in your city's recycling programs as much as you can. Investigate composting foods scraps (Your city may already pick it up)
  4. Put up a single printer (multi-functional)
  5. Provide paper in a Kanban-like fashion (no big supplies!), so people are forced to think about printing


  1. Install a low-flow toilet or adapt your existing one.
  2. Avoid individual sized plastic bottles if possible


  1. National: Co-Op America
  2. Regional:
    1. Bay Area Green Business Program

Earned media!

  1. promote your efforts here and on your website
  2. and at like-minded websites and blogs like SustainableMarketing.com