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La Cantine

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La Cantine


Find out who are our principal Coworkers and what are there projects  : http://lacantine.pbworks.com


A collaborative space for contributors to the digital economy

     La Cantine is the first coworking space in the Paris / Ile de France area. It is affiliated with other similar structures in the region, in France and even abroad (San Francisco, Barcelona, São Paulo, etc…).

     This space was specifically designed for collaborative work and facilitating cooperation. Furthermore, La Cantine is open to working with French and international networks, whether they are coworking spaces, art-oriented platforms, alternative venues, competitive clusters, specialized research labs, colleges or universities.

     The aim of La Cantine is to connect those who work in diverse locations, in order to pool resources and skills among developers, entrepreneurs, users, artists, researchers and students. It is thus a place for meeting, information, exchange and synergy between dispersed individuals, built around harnessing the collective intelligence.

     La Cantine is becoming a centre of reference and resources for multiple collaborative initiatives in the world, as well as new technologies. La Cantine promotes networked collaborative work through exchanges using innovative and technological platforms in France and abroad.


A coworking space

     After Brad Neuberg saw that certain employees preferred to work in a café rather than in an office because it was more pleasant and there was more space, La Cantine decided to encourage this work model that encourages exchanges and creativity, by thinking of the space as a third place somewhere between office and home.

We have three types of space available:

  • An area which provides 21 individual workstations with an ADSL connection
  • A space which can accommodate up to 12 people for meetings and up to 20 for presentations
  • A coffee which can accommodate up to 30 people for presentation


Produce, test and circulate Innovative Projects

     A multipurpose space for creation, experimentation and innovation, La Cantine aims to create an environment conducive to the diffusion of ideas in an atmosphere of freedom and creativity, as well as to encourage not only the development of projects, software and IT applications, but also educational material, blogs, videos, photos, audio and any online digital creation.

     Encompassing the ecosystem of digital technologies, La Cantine organizes themed evenings around communities of practice, nights dedicated to producing and testing various projects, as well as open weekends for events focused on reflection, which encourage exchange and cross-pollination of ideas among coders, developers, technophiles, innovators, entrepreneurs, users, etc., in the interest of facilitating innovation, design and the emergence of new products and services.

     Thanks to its international network, its role as a digital showcase, its relationship with competitive clusters and its support of innovation, La Cantine contributes to the dissemination of new concepts, products and services.


Events by and for the community 

At La Cantine, you can:

        Present a new technology, results of a study, propose an experiment or a new project that is in the idea state or a startup, either publicly, or to a restricted audience in a dedicated meeting room.

        Meet regularly at events, presentations and public thematic gatherings, organized at the end of the day and during the evenings making it possible to use all of the space available.


For more information:

contact us: contact at lacantine.org

visit our website: http://lacantine.org

follow us on twitter: @lacantine

join our Facebook group


Latest news:



La Cantine is celebrating its first birthday on the 11th of February 2009 at 8pm. 

On a daily basis, co workers, entrepreneurs, developers, freelance, researchers, politicians, gurus, stars and lesser stars – all of its temporary habitants – have allowed La Cantine to bring about a perpetual movement : 15582 visits,  600 personnes uniques par semaine, more than 500 events,  318 coworkers,  at least 30 000 coffees, 35 unique people per m2/year. Amongst them Mark Zuckerberg, Didier Lombard, Richard Stallman, Jean Paul Huchon, Bertrand Delanoë, François Fillon, Eric Besson, and soon Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco ... 

And You! 

We look forward to seeing you at 8pm… 

Inscriptions are compulsory :



Paris community needs such a place, and we'll get it really soon !


This page is aimed to gather people and document their effort to get a proper coworking place in Paris. You'll find a small presentation in this page, but you can go directly to CoworkingParisOpenSpace, a page in French with more precise informations and the possibility to register yourself to be part of the project...

- There's a post here where you can read more in English about this space, the spirit behind, how it should work etc. 

- November 26th 6:30pm, 8:30pm 2007Rencontre autour de la Cantine— at 93, rue Montmartre, 75002 Paris

une rencontre afin de construire une vision partagée du projet de Coworking parisien nommé "La Cantine"

This hCalendar event brought to you by the hCalendar Creator.

Visit the futur place




Meeting reports


March 20th 2007

ChristopheAguiton & LouisMontagne reported on the coworking discussions @ Barcamp Austin

Explained the need for a software tool to unite/handle the coworking places / people / projects : the CoworkingTools

Proposed a micro barcamp to start the work on CoworkingTools


March 27th 2007

write your name here if you want to join.


April 3rd 2007

A barcamp specificaly dedicated to the coworking project in Paris taken place April the 3rd at 6:30 pm: http://barcamp.org/BarcampParis10 



First ideas, first participants

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     At Silicon Sentier we express the need for an informal hi tech canteen in the center of Paris for a while.

We crossed people at FTR&D and Fing with the same conception.

     One of our model for such a place in Paris is the Belleville Espace Public Numérique (http://wiki.crao.net/index.php?EpnBelleville )

We think it needs to be as open as possible to the public, delivering not only working space but also demo (showroom) and, of course, coffee and if possible wine and beer ;-)

     We would like also to benefit from a room to make training for Paris citizens on our products and technologies and for people working in our companies.


     A small team in France Telecom Research and Development (FTR&D) works with Silicon Sentier, the FING and others on this idea. You can find infos and texts - in French, sorry -:) at (http://overcrowded.anoptique.org/PagePrincipale ) and here CoworkingParisOpenSpace you can find a first paper, also in French.


     Now we need your reactions and proposals! (for the French speakers, don't forget to post a link or a copy of your remarks to the French website)


old meetings


Meeting at Paris thirsday the 21th of september, at 7pm

FING, 70 rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. Tél. +33 1 43 38 62 62



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