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Pragmatic Marketing Inquiry


BurningQuestion-- The perceived need that we're working to resolve.

EarlyHypothesis -- What's our initial proposed service offering.

DataCollection -- Listing and linking sources of market information.

AnalysisAndSynthesis -- Conclusions drawn from market information.

MidCourseCorrections -- Documenting and explaining changes to the early hypothesis.

RevisedAnswer -- Current consensus on the service offering.

EmergentTactics -- Methods that will be used to deliver the answer.



What is this MarketingInquiry business?


Crafting a Brand Narrative





Ritual Roasters is willing to extend their brand.

  • This would go to our ability to hype it. Value of attaching their name to a hotbed of new ideas.
  • Sponsorship dollars are perpetual and involvement is critical from a branding perspective.