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2006-06-01 @ 6:30pm

Teh Hat Factory







  • Emma
  • who else..?





  • Costs: $1100 + util (Loreli has spreadsheet with costs going back to 2004 and will provide to Chris)
    • how much should we pull in as a baseline on a monthly basis?
    • how much should we aim to save for after 4 months ($20,000)
    • should we put some in escrow
  • 1 week notice for big events/gatherings (public calendar)
  • no shirt, no shoes, no bad attitude -- no service
  • TV @ night (Schlomo likes watching the Surreal Life) -- need to define/designate quiet zones
  • need to investigate conflict resolution/decision making practices
  • BradNeuberg: we should set meeting time limits and then when the limit is reached, ask if people are willing to continue for X more minutes
  • 12 desks in storage... we need chairs!!
  • are there any trigger points or problem neighbors to be aware of? nope!
  • how do we manage monthly payment?
    • channel money through one individual
    • five anchors cover basic costs
    • chris will set up an account to pay schlomo
  • need to set aside some money for space improvements, shared food, etc
  • we need to make sure that we have very open communication channels



Open questions


  • we should determine ownership/responsibility model... condo, donation, community buy, loan?
  • Membership model? Condo? Gym?
    • need to work out hourly/daily fee rates (for the 1st week it'll be open and then we'll start imposing a fee for desk usage)
  • need to discuss clean up duties (will have cleaning service 2x a month)
  • how will we protect people's stuff? what can people leave?
  • how do we organize the anchor's time? BarCamp? Ad hoc? 10am-6pm 5 days a week?
  • what kind of bandwidth/connectivity is there?





  • Brad suggests looking into co-management: "What is the spirit of this place?"
  • Over 4 month experiment, we should set goals, milestones, document what we're trying out and why...
    • use the wiki, mailing list, photos, blogs white boards to collaborate and communicate









  • $400/mo
  • 1 day a week, initially 10am-6pm
    • BradNeuberg will be in 10am-6pm this comming Thursday, June 8th
  • 4 month commitment (30 day quit notice)
  • post photos of keyholders (like camp counselors!)
  • phone numbers available / contact details published