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Scheduling Software

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Scheduling Software


Now you're looking to set up a coworking space and need some type of scheduling software. The following is a listing of applications and spreadsheets templates that can help you get your feet off the ground.


Features Suggested by
Calendar - month, week, day, hour, half-hour granularity Elliot
Online - needs to be accessible from the web with no special client install. Elliot
Resource Scheduling - related to Calendar, should provide a way to book a resource (conference room, quiet room, seat in coworking area) Elliot
Security - Yeah, we're all nice people, but we might want some user-based security on this. Elliot
Capacity - resources should have both a capacity (i.e. this conference room will fit 3 people, there is room for 4 in the quiet working room) Elliot
Social Network - users need online profiles to manage their relationships, and to identify themselves on the calendars, schedules, etc. Matt Coop


Interested Parties email
Noel Hidalgo noelnoneck.org
Elliot Winard [email protected]
Matt Cooperrider [email protected]



name of application developed by web site purpose in use at recommended by
Simple Seating http://simpleseating.com/ SimpleSeating.com is the fastest and easiest way to make seating charts online. SimpleSeating.com brings the power of expensive desktop seating chart applications to the web minus the learning curve.With SimpleSeating.com you'll be able to create, preview, and print your seating charts in just a few simple steps. - -

Manhattan Coworking Google Calendar



Brooklyn Coworking Google Calendar

, Google

A simple calendar seems like a great start for this type of thing.  Google's calendar handles permissions, calendaring, integrates with gmail & news lists, is maintained by a 3rd party, has been reliable so far.  I started these two calendars on 2007-02-18 and they're empty unless/until we start filling them in.


We could potentially set up a separate calendar for each resource, store some sort of resource metadata (capacity, etc.) in the Description field of the calendar, set up a stricter security policy than the free-for-all that I set up initially.