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Hello Space Catalyst!


First off, let us tell you that you rock! Starting a space is a very cool thing to do. :)


So, Space Catalysts are those who are in the process of setting up a space, from putting your stake in the ground (adding your intent to the wiki here under your locale) to meeting potential partners, all the way to opening your doors the first day...then you become a Space Owner, which is super fly!


We'd like to get you there...


How do you get involved?


We'd really love to start gathering resources that make your space finding, funding and building a reality. Here are a few things you can do to start accessing the resources here:


  1. Put your stake in the ground and list yourself and your intent under your desired location. The process is to find your city (if your city isn't listed, type 'CoworkingYourCity' in Camel Case under the proper area on the homepage), then list your intents on that page with your contact information. You may even find a partner or two there. If there are already spaces on the city page, make a page for your own.
  2. Join the Coworking Google Group and post your intent. The over 500 people there are an asset for you...you could either find advice, support, coworkers, partners, funders or spaces through that list. You will always find a helpful community.
  3. If you have a blog or your own wiki, etc., make sure you link it from your page so that others can follow along with what you are doing.
  4. Join the IRC chatroom at #coworking on freenode.net to find instant feedback
  5. Document your progress on the Blog. Use the Contribute button in the right sidebar.
  6. Look for mentors on the Space Owners page and below (not every Space Owner is a mentor, and not every mentor is a Space Owner). Their experience will really help guide you.
  7. List your needs and questions below, so that the answers can help future Catalysts


How do you get started?

Check out this page with information on steps to include your community in the process: Space Catalyst: Getting Started


Partner Opportunities

Citizen Space Franchise Opportunities


Citizen Space, the first, and oldest US coworking space is actively seeking owner operators looking to open a space, but would prefer a franchised solution. If you are interested in potentially opening a Citizen Space in your city, please email us [email protected],us, or call us at 415-501-9155


We are looking for partners in Africa, Europe, Asia, and Latin America!


What do you need from us?


List your needs/questions below.


1). Looking for a PricingExamples?

2). Has anyone ever created a "new coworker" handbook that helps answers various questions to a prospective desk owner? Maybe a Coworker's Guide?

3). I would like to know more about the legal issues for running a space? (Permits, Liablilities, etc...)


Mentors who are Space Catalysts rather than Space Owners, List yourself here:


Name City Skill Area(s) Contact
David Lawless Glasgow City Centre, UK Coworking, Networking, Community Building, Looking for attendees at our Coworking events, anyone welcome as long as you can intereact with the others and share your knowledge/make friendships.

[email protected]



Raines Cohen Berkeley Cohousing, facilitation, group process, User Groups, grassroots marketing, video; Certified Green Building Pro.; 25 yrs exp. www.raines.com
Allen Winston O'hare Airport Area, IL The complete symphony orchestra in the built world around us musicians in Real Estate Development, Financing, Design (Architecture, BIM, Graphic, Web, Products, Processes), Construction, Alternative Banking, Engineering, Software Integration, Software Development, Alternative CAD and BIM Software, Building Trade Crafts, Accounting, Legal, Robots, Professional Development / Training, Planning, Marketing, Fabrication, Insurance, Green Technologies, Facility Management, Raw Material Suppliers, Non Profits, Social Outreach [email protected]
Adrien Poggetti Nantes, France Community creation & facilitation, webmarketing, coding, user groups, KM, start-ups, connecting. [email protected]
Robert Fischer and Alicia Weller St Paul, MN Technical leadership, real estate, web design, training EnfranchisedMind (Robert's Blog), Graphic Karma (Alicia's Web Design Firm)


Tessa Horehled Atlanta, GA Viral marketing, blogging, networking, leadership tessa at driveafastercar dot com // Drive A Faster Car (Tessa's blog)
David Weekly San Mateo, CA Community creation & facilitation, coding. [email protected] - for space info see
Eric Marden Orlando, FL Community Building, Comunication, Connecting, Leadership Eric Marden, @xentek lustres de cristal

Jonathan Lewis

San Francisco Business Consulting, Management, Operations. Marketing, Branding. Web development and design. Developing "Catalyst" branded workspaces in the Bay Area.

Jonathan Lewis, @blacksunforge http://blacksun.pro/

Drew Poland Monterey, CA / Santa Cruz, CA
Community creation, developers, designers, freelance guidance, WordPress design and development.

Drew Poland - @bmoredrew

WordPress Website Design

Thomas Riboulet Toulouse, France

Community, social coding, developers, designers.

Thomas Riboulet [email protected] http://tau.arbousier.info (french)
Pradeep Sethi Gurgaon, India We have 1500 sq ft space in prime location in Gurgaon and would like to utilize it for co-working. Looking for partners / investors. Pradeep Sethi [email protected] http://www.velvetfish.com