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Many freelance and independent tech workers in San Francisco have become Mobile Social Networkers. Coffee Houses with wifi have been the natural aggregation points for MSNs but have developed a problem with the \"zombie effect\". This effects the coffee house core business: revenue through food and drink.


By introducing a space designed to accomodate the specific needs of the Mobile Social Networker, and leveraging the current infrastructure of shops in a specific neighborhood (e.g. food and drink), we expect to fill the pent up demand for social work space that enables private areas, collaboration, and events profitably, while at the same time , providing benefit to existing coffee house establishments by returning them to the social nexus points without the "zombies".


Another reason why we need this:



Experiences to learn from


  • Gate 3 goes under:
    • Eight months after I profiled it for the “When you can’t work from home” series, Gate 3 Workclub has shut down, out of money.
    • Even as he cut prices, (base service $135 per month), members resisted.
    • Another problem: the café. “Managing food is a nightmare. Anybody will tell you, if you don’t know food, don’t go into the restaurant business,” he says.