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INCubator - CoWorking in Saint Petersburg - Russia

Page history last edited by Samuel Arriaga 13 years, 5 months ago

Welcome to the fisrt Co-Working center in Saint Petersburg, Russia


We will open our doors on the 15th may in the center of the city.

We will join soon VISA project and all Coworking VISA member will be welcome to have a free space in our office if they visit Russia at any time.


INCubator its a mix of Co-working area and "Business incubator"

We believe in young russians potential and we will help any freelancers and new entrepreuners to open their first business

We will also provide a big variety of services for those visiting Russia for shot business trips, including VISA support if they need. Also we will provide to foreign company a representative "office" in Russia


All your ideas and comments are welcome


Our site is still under construction so you can contact me (for the moment) on my mail:

[email protected]


Samuel Arriaga