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     After the Coworking Europe Conference in November it was clear that "DB" or "Database" was a poor choice of naming.  It's too technical and doesn't really give a clear indication of the values behind the project.  The project is currently going through a redevelopment and I'm looking forward to the unconference in Austin where we can talk about things face to face.  


     Create a simple, neutral, extensible database of coworking spaces around the world.  


     Right now there are numerous listing sites across the web all with their own data sets and pitching that everyone should use their system.  Coworking spaces are then required to post and update each individual site.  The coworking wiki has been a neutral, central list of spaces, but the functionality is confusing, difficult to search, and impossible to extend or build upon.  

     We are developing a system that will bring all of this data into one place and provide hooks and apis so that it can integrate into the various listing interfaces around the web.  We are building it with these main principles at our core.  

  • Keep the system simple and the emphasis on the data.  We can leave the interfaces to the people already developing websites to help people find coworking spaces.  We shouldn't try and do too much.  
  • Remain neutral.  To become the central database it's imperative to build, and maintain a high level of trust. This is best achieved by a neutral third party not associated with any specific site, company, or agency.  This way users don't have to worry about a company going out of business or changing their terms of service.  
  • Be open and transparent.   Everything should be done in an open and transparent manner so it's clear what is being done and how decisions are made.  


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