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Connect is The Media Centre's coworking space, based close to the railway station in the centre of Huddersfield. Open between Monday and Friday, 9am and 5.30pm, it's a great place for networking, co-working, hanging out, getting some headspace away from your usual workspace.


Connect - Breathing space to help your creative business flourish

We believe the right combination of flexible / by the hour workspace, responsive programming and smart hosting can free you up to grow your idea. Here’s the membership deal...


We bring

  • Workspace by the hour in a range of styles ( so you can get you head down or your heads together)
  • Hosts networking you to opportunities, markets and business solutions, IT and Office support (so you can plug in to all that’s going on and grab every opportunity)
  • Programmes that build innovation into your business (so you can take your venture to new and wonderful places)


You bring

  • Up and running ventures seeking networks, innovation and support
  • Sparkling new ideas at early development stages
  • Attitudes that reflect our times: exploration, collaboration and discovery.


Who is it for?

  • Laptop nomads who need to touch down
  • Home or studio based creative/social enterprises needing to connect
  • Graduates/undergraduates and start ups brimming with ideas
  • Media centre based businesses seeking project space and network access
  • CDI businesses looking for collaboration opportunities
  • VCs, investors and supporters looking for emerging propositions


We offer space by the hour, day, week or month.