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Bucharest Hubb is a community. It exists in order to increase the number of business creators, through a coworking space to meet diverisity, innovate, learn, connect and relax together with other entrepreneurs and freelancers from different industries: online, software development, business consultancy, art and design, fashion, architecture, copyright, marketing, advertising, entertainment, personal development, blogging, and others.


Here creatives and visionaries from different meet in order to play the music of business together.


Centrally located in an old mansion with a history of over one hundred years, the building where Bucharest Hubb is situated is a space full of personality. Being decorated in a neo-italian style, the family blazon of the first owner gives a special, aristocratic air to the location.


Address: 21st Stelea Spatarul Street, 030212 Bucharest, Romania.

Email: [email protected]
Tel: +4021 207 47 91; +4021 207 47 92

Central position. 5 minutes walk from Piata Unirii and Unirii Subway. 8 minutes walk from the Historic Center (Centrul Vechi).


Bike friendly.


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