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Hub Praha

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Hub Praha is a large shared workspace combining advantages of a professional office, an internet café and a business incubator. Freelancers, independent professionals, startups, NGO and business people use it as a coworking space . They come to work while making new contacts, getting inputs, ideas and developing new opportunities. Hub Praha is a part of an international network of 30 Hubs on all continents. 


Hub is here to make innovation happen. For that, it provides a space for meeting and holds events . Moreover, Hub users get systematically connected among each other, with specialists or potential partners. Hub is not limited to specific professions - we believe in power of diversity and welcome everyone who is open, fair and adheres to ethic principles. Innovative, creative and socially or environmentally beneficial activities or ideas are most welcome. We gladly help those to grow into thriving projects. We also run a club for companies helping this kind of initiatives. 


To use Hub, there are flexible time tariffs on a club membership basis. Only time spent in the space is actually billed and paid for. The Hub space comprises of open space, chill out zone, shared coffee-bar, terrace and spacious bookable meeting room, that are billed separately on an hourly rate. Whole space can be booked of for an evening or weekend without membership as well . 


If you are not sure, how you might like Hub or what and whom to find there, let us know or come round and try it yourself for free. You can find us in Drtinova 10, Prague 5, first floor, five minutes from Anděl . We will gladly show you around and go through options to make Hub serve you well. We are looking forward to seeing you, don' hesitate to contact us