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The Translation Factory


We have created our space with love in order to create a cosy atmosphere that inspires you to work every day. We are strategically located in the town centre, close to everything. We practise real coworking philosophy through networking meetings, workshops, etc. Check our our website for more info on rates and our beloved coworkers: http://thetranslationfactory.es/




Nido is meant to be a meeting point for freelances and independent workers in Málaga city centre. Our objective is to create an open space to work and mingle with others where the ideas flow, are shared and mature.
If you’re able to work remotely, there are two possibilities in Málaga, either you work at home, where you feel isolated and don’t have much contact with peers, or you work in a business centre, where you feel that you are missing the things you love about not having to work in an office. We want to bring to Málaga a different concept.
When we think about coworking we are not thinking just about a shared office, but the group of people that are part of it. The idea is very simple: we want to create a space where we like working at and that we enjoy being part of.
We will open soon, November 2011.