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Barcelona - Makers of Barcelona (MOB) (redirected from MOB Barcelona)

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MOB – Makers Of Barcelona is a collaborative workspace/playground/school for the creative, the innovative and the business-minded. With 1000m2 of co-working space + maker space + event space along with an exhibition area, window display, showroom, porch, idea-wall, basic kitchen, meeting room, classroom, workshop area all of which accessible from the ground floor.


Housed in an old textile factory in the Eixample neighborhood, MOB has all the characteristics and charm of the old and new Barcelona.  From coming up with an idea, looking for collaborators, making prototypes, to selling and marketing your desgin and creation, MOB assists all professional in the creatives fields and those that are curious to increase their potential and visibility.


MOB is located 9 mins walk from the center of Plaza Catalunya, and just 5 minutes to the old city. We are already hosting a variety of professionals and students from designers, artists, architects to social entrepreneur and journalists. Currently we have, in our maker space, a couple of plotters, a sewing machine, a circular saw, basic woodshop machineries, and in the near future, a 3D printing machine and a laser cutter. A ping pong table and a Wii is on its way!!!


You can check services & prices here.