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work'in Marquês

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Fellow coworkers,


My name is Gonçalo Gaspar and I'm the manager of Lisbon's brand new cowork space, work'in Marquês. We're open since February 2012 and are located in Lisbon's city center.

Work'in Marquês is a 150 sqm open-space with 24 desks, a small kitchen, a meeting room and a 140 sqm terrace (that's our lounge/smoking area!). We have installed a 100mbps internet connection (via Wi-Fi or Giganet).

We have a huge variety of public transports options, namely a 20 second walk to the nearest metro station: Parque, blue line. We're also 5 minute away (walking!) from the Marquês de Pombal square (you can seet it as Lisbon's Trafalgar's Square).


Visit us at www.workinmarques.com or send us an e-mail to [email protected]


Join the work'in spirit!!