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The Faktory

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Start-up companies that do not have an immediate need for office space may be interested in the services that HTDC provides through our Virtual Incubation Program. This program is available at the Maui Research & Technology Center (MRTC).

Maui Research & Technology Center is a technology center and business incubator strategically located in Kihei, Maui, within the 415-acre Maui Research & Technology Park. Dedicated to supporting technology-oriented businesses, MRTC brings together a diversity of enterprises from industry niches as varied as astronomy and biotechnology. MRTC is home to startups, technology companies phasing in Maui operations, and compelling federal technology projects.

HTDC provides its Virtual Incubator clients with a wide range of services, including the following:


  • Co-working Space (The Faktory) 

  • Conference Room, (up to 20 hrs.) 

  • Photocopier & Shared Office Equipment 

  • Professional Service Provider 

  • Mailing Address


For more info, please email [email protected], or call HTDC’s Incubation Programs and Servicesteamlocally at

(808) 539-3806.Applications are online and can be download from: http://www.htdc.org/incubation-techcenter-appcriteria.html