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All Coworking Spaces Mumbai


The Playce is a new coworking space launched in Nov 2012, in Mumbai. It aims to provide startups & freelancers with a ready-to-use & super-affordable office space.


The Playce is a spacious 5,500 sq ft space (can host more than 60 startup teams) with work-desks, cabins, conference rooms, seminar hall & an awesome game room to chill. But more than the infrastructure, The Playce aims to be a community for the enterprising folks to find the right kind of people and the right atmosphere for executing your idea.


Coworking :

  1. Work-desks: Each desk is accompanied with private lockers and filing cabinetunlimited wi-fi and caffiene. Playce also has tons of whiteboards and pin-boards for the teams wanting to brainstorm.
  2. Private Cabins:  Ideal for 3-8 people startups to work out of. Or for professionals wanting to conduct those interviews. Or for doing the all important co-founder quarrels.
  3. Conference rooms: With all the set up (projector, whiteboard etc) and peace you need while presenting to a client
  4. Seminar Space: A 50-seater hall to conduct your trainings, meetups, bootcamps, hackathons etc
  5. Hangout: A chillzone filled with lots of boardgames, carrom, darts and like. And yes, lots of books.
  6. Kitchen & Coffee Machine  and 7. Last, but the most important, spacious Washrooms :D

As again, beyond the infrastructure, what makes The Playce really useful is chance to discover a coder, a designer, a guide, a co-founder or even an investor for that idea of yours -- he might be sitting on the next desk.


Events :

The Playce has hosted India's first Quora Meetup, Hackathons, TechMeetups, Music Jammin' sessions, and is scheduled to host many more startup & productivity events.


Pricing :

A Monthly Pass for a dedicated work-desk, a dedicated locker, unlimited coffee & wi-fi costs Rs.5,500 (less than Rs.190 per day)

A Flexi Pass allows a coworker to use The Playce for any 10 days in the month, with the same facilities (AC, coffee, wifi) costs Rs.2,000. Ideal for those who want to try out The Playce before committing entirely.

A Daily Pass, again with the same facilities, costs just Rs 299. Especially great for those who are on a short trip to Mumbai and want to get some work done.


Coworkers at The Playce

The Playce is an open campus (i.e. you can just walk right in) and is now starting to fill with lots of people from varied backgrounds. The Playce currently has a funny business journo, to a silicon-valley-return Indie movie producer, a social entrepreneur, engineering students & lots of coders, as coworkers.

Check out the website and FB page