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Agora Coworking Office, Tokyo

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Located in Udagawa-cho, Shibuya, Agora Co-working Space is set in a bustling neighborhood home to a range of shops, restaurants, cafes and art & entertainment businesses. The space is on the 6th floor of World Udagawa building, which stands right against the notable department store Tokyu Hands, 3 min. walk from Bunkamura Concert Hall.


Agora is a stylishly designed co-working space in which each individual or team may customize their spaces. The office environment is highly spacious and makes great benefit of natural daylight. Our office is furnished with system desks to help customizing and ergonomic chairs help boost our tenants’ performance. Each desk comes with a pedestal with a key and a separate storage space. In case you need space you can get extra storage space at a reasonable cost.  If you would like to avoid any distractions, you may pick a divider screen as well.


We also offer virtual offices with cloud based IT services & VoIP phone enabling our tenants to make use of their office IT environment anywhere.



Our services include:



Security card key, Surveillance Camera 


Fax Services, Dedicated Phone Number 


Car parking (hourly and monthly on the first floor of the building), Vending Machine (on the first floor of the building) 

Facilities Management

24 hours access, Kitchen facility, Coffee/Tea, Fridge, Air conditioning, Cleaning Service, Highly customizable Joyn desk system by Vitra with pedestals, Division Screens, Ergonomic Vitra chairs, Balcony/Smoking Area 

Business Support

Fuji Xerox Printing / Scan Equipment 1200x2400 dpi 


5 mins walk from Hachiko exit, Shibuya station 

Main Services

Instant Desk Rental, Serviced Coworking/Share Space, Meeting Room with 100% Sound Isolation, Projector and Whiteboard, Informal Meeting Areas, Virtual Office Services, Storage spaces for extra equipment 


High speed internet access: 100 Mb fiber optic internet connection.



Payment Options:


1. Co-working Office Full Time Membership:

Monthly fee changing between 55.000 - 80.000 yen

Deposit: Equivalent to 2 month’s rent

Hot desking service in case you have a temporary team mate: 3000 yen per day

Meeting Area use: Free allowance of 10 hours per month



2. Co-working Office Part Time Membership:


Monthly fee varying between 10.000 yen for 5 hours – 40.000 yen for 100 hours. Please ask for further details

Meeting Area use:  Conditional allowance of usage


10.000 yen for 5 hours

12.000 yen for 10 hours

15.000 yen for 20 hours


5 hours of meeting area use allowed for:

25.000 yen for 40 hours

30.000 yen for 60 hours

40.000 yen for 100 hours


You may pay an extra fee of 6.000 yen to make use of the meeting area for 10 hours per month.


3. Virtual Office Membership:


The tenant may pick one or many of the following options:

Virtual address: 7.000 yen per month

Virtual address with Phone Line: 10.000 yen per month (Setup cost: 12.000 yen)

Virtual address with Meeting Area Usage: 10.000 yen per month for 5 hours

Meeting Area use: 6.000 yen for 10 hours for members


4. Meeting Room Only Membership:


Our meeting room can accomodate up to 8 people.

1-6 people: 5.000 yen per hour

7-8 people: 6.000 yen per hour

Our designer team made up of architects and designers will supply corporate identity services (e.g. business cards) for your important meetings, if required.



For details and extras, please consult our team.


Agora Co-Working Office Tokyo


Miss Ozgu Oksuz

T 03-6855-7200

F 03-6855-7030

address: Shibuya-ku Udagawa-cho 36-6 World Udagawa Building 6F


email: [email protected]