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AngkorHub - Coworking Siem Reap

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We are a co-working space in Siem Reap, Cambodia, with international-quality internet, 24-hour access, and accommodation available on-site. Our visitors range from local Cambodians to location independent professionals. We look forward to seeing you. 



AngkorHUB, the co-working space and social innovation centre in heart of Siem Reap started in October 2013, after months of negotiations to acquire space in one of the coolest buildings and locations in town and a failed crowd-funding campaign ;) However, we decided to give it a go nonetheless because we believe in the need and the community. In April 2014 we officially opened our premises to the public and stroke awesome partnerships and prepared our incubator program. In June 2015 we reopened in a new location, directly on Angkor Night Market Street. We thrive here ever since. 



AngkorHUB, 896 Angkor Night Market Street, Siem Reap Town, Siem Reap Province, 17252, Cambodia

Getting here and around



AngkorHUB now offers co-living and rooms for digital nomads. There are one private room and one shared room available. Accommodation comes with an all-inclusive package that offers a wide range of conveniences.



Entrance is the alley next to Surmetta Inn, literally in front of Ancient Angkor Hotel.

Angkor Night Market Street is in between Sok San Road and the Road to BBU. GPS 13.352548, 103.850996

We offer free pick-up from the airport for our co-living guests.



We are located 1 minute walk from Sok San Road and 3 minutes from Pub Street where all the restaurants are located.

We offer light breakfast and a Khmer, family style lunch at $2; free for our co-living guests.

Water, tea and coffee are provided.

Snack & refreshments, including alcohol, are also available for purchase.



Espresso, selection of teas, juices, filtered water dispenser 


Opening times

Monday - Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm (call if you arrive after 6pm or if you need to be online before 8am)

Saturday 9am-5pm



We focus at sustainability, community, information sharing, support of local people and promotion of local culture. 

AngkorHUB connects Khmer IT professionals, expats, freelancers and location independent entrepreneurs.

Host of regular events and workshops, often community driven, on a wide range of topics.


Memberships and Pricing

$5 day pass

$25 weekly pass

$89 monthly membership pass

$352 monthly all-inclusive shared accommodation

$638 monthly all-inclusive private accommodation

Visit us at https://angkorhub.com/ for a full range of our options and to book a spot.


Additional Services

Complimentary ready-to-use 4G SIM card for members

Bicycle rental, free for members

Laundry service, free for members

24/7 access for members

Skype Room

Garden with a bamboo hut, hammocks and pool table