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7ayak Hub

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We are the 1st coworking space in Qatar, designed to support community of change makers to scale up their work through access to collaborative network, educational content and creative space. We believe that we desperately need a world made of good countries. We want to support people, who drive the progress in society and care about the future of humanity, to make their impact bigger through collaboration and shared learning.

Contact Details:

Al Idreesi Street, bld.12, Madinat Khalifa South, Immigration Round About, P.O.Box - 1418, Doha, Qatar

(974) 4443 4167 | [email protected] | www.7ayakhub.me

On-line Booking | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

We are part of #coworkingvisa program


We constantly work on building and maintaining a healthy ecosystem, where we connect passionate individuals and organizations who share same values of entrepreneurship, collaboration and active citizenship. Thanks to magical atmosphere of collaboration, it’s easy to start conversation, make meaningful connections, get instant feedback on your new project or organize a brainstorming session. And in case right people are not around, our team is always there to support you with all fruitful connections you need to “bake a cake”, because we know where to find good ingredients.


We help members of our active network to grow personally and professionally through facilitated collaborative learning experiences, organized in different formats: - Training Courses (seminars, lectures, workshops) - Feedback Sessions & Brainstorming - Peer-to-peer Learning - Sessions with mentors, coachers, advisors, experts - Discussions, talks and conversations that matter - Networking events - Crowd-funding events - Innovation Labs - Business Development Programs


1. Hot Desk

 Is a perfect solution for those who need temporary working space different from home or café right where all action happens. Change of space allow you to network with new people all the time.

2. Fixed Desk in Shared Open Space

Dedicated desk for individuals and teams with middle-term commitments. Includes shared storage space

3. Private Office

Separate room, locked and secured, ideal for established startups with long-term commitments and individuals who value privacy.

4. Meeting Room is essential not only for team-mates and colleagues, but also for business meetings with clients, presentation of projects, brainstorming sessions

5. Workshop / Conference Room

Various set-ups allow to host board meetings, workshops and seminars, lectures and talks.

6. Event Space

Spacious area, which can be adjusted for various type of events: from conferences to lectures, to film screenings, to performances and discussions.