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CoLabOrate Coworking

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http://www.clowork.in A people driven community that aims to nurture entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives, digital nomads and business travelers. We strive to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship and freewill by supporting individuals and organizations in terms of infrastructure, learning, resources, networking, investment and mentoring.

Are you an entrepreneur? Be proud of it then!

As the trend moves from owning to sharing, resources become more scarce and communities start playing a vital role in how businesses are built, there is need for coworking spaces like ours to meet the ever changing demands of the modern millennial.

We are the real deal. Not some plug and play, shared or executive office space.

Ensuring the right mix of internal engagement events and workshops for our members, our Community Animation Programs and Services (CAPS) are carefully curated, designed and disseminated to spread the most relevant knowledge and enable opportunities for networking and collaboration.

Be rest assured of a plethora of events and workshops to accelerate your learning..

And doing our bit pays off in lot of intangible ways, like our connect to major startups in Hyderabad, their founders and being recognized by the media. That’s just how people shower their love on us!