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Guangzhou coworking space

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Guangzhou Yi-Gather Co-working Space 广州一起开工社区


What is Yi-Gather?

✪ Yi-Gather is so far the biggest co-working space in Guangzhou. We advocate the value of sharing as a new mode of working, dedicate to creating a co-working community of innovation, creativity and multi-fields, for activatingthe innovative atmosphere of Southern China. Our goal is to be the place where cool things happen and become the engine of social innovation to promote innovations and positive changes.

✪ Yi-Gather is also a community that converges startups and innovators which helpsyou broaden your horizons, expand your connections with people and find the resources you need.

✪ In order to help startups and innovators to communicate conveniently and find resources easily, Yi-Gather is a membership community which provides services for members only.

Our slogan—‘For More Possibilities’, lies in the value that every member is able to create more possibilities for their dreams while sharing the resources of our community.


Why should I join Yi-Gather and work here?

✪An Inspiring and Creative Space:

600 square meters space including: flexible seats area, multi-functional meeting room, free-style chatting interviewing area, open and self-service kitchen and bar, outdoor mini terrace.

✪Like-minded and inspiring members and mentors will help you meet more people and find the resources you need:

Here in Yi-Gather you can meet peoplewho share the same interests as you: innovator and entrepreneurs; potential partners and customers; VC and angel; senior professional mentors and consultants ; our collaborated media which will promote your project and product;

✪Thought-provoking, pluralistic and innovative activities:

In Yi-Gather we will hosta variety ofinnovative events such as: Startup Weekend, Startup Grind and so on. At the same time, we will also plan lots of activities about social innovation, as well as workshops with different topics.


How to become a member of Yi-Gather

✪ Member Fee 150 RMB/Year (wow!)

✪ Member Benefits 

After joining the membership of “Yi-Gather”, you can enjoy the following rights. Of course the benefits are more than the ones listed. Don’t hesitate to join us!

 Free benefits you can enjoy:

Free to work in the flexible working area of the space;

Free to connect the resources and gain consulting services;

Free to post requirements on Yi-Gather’s space, online platform, and social media to find the resourcesyou want 

Free to display products and materials on Yi-Gather’s space, online platform and social media ;

Free to join the daily gatheringactivities in the space.



 Other value-added services you can enjoy:

Initiate and participate in the activities of the members 

Priority to participate in the public activities 

Have the privilege of taking Yi-Gather brand activities at a 20% discount

Buy Yi-Gather's products and affiliate products with favorable price

Buy the Coffee at the member’s special price;

Have the privilege to purchase fixed seat package

Enjoy the co-working VISA in Yi-Gather's league-of-friends Co-working spaces in other cities.


Address: Floor 3, No. 68 Zhongshan road 7, Liwan District, Guangzhou, China

                       中国广州市荔湾区中山七路68号三楼 一起开工社区

E-mail: [email protected]