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What is Co-working & how is it beneficial for startups & independent professionals?

Co-working is a style of work that involves a shared working environment, yet independent activity. Unlike traditional offices a co-working space is shared by individuals from different organizations and professions. This not only encourages sharing of knowledge but also provides plenty of opportunity for collaboration. Above all it provides early stage companies and independent professionals with access to quality infrastructure without taking away their flexibility.


We are a co-working space in Nagpur, India that believes in Community,Collaboration & Co-creation.

We offer :

  • A modern co-working space with Open Plan seating

  • Flexidesk Policy – sit where you like

  • B.Y.O.D. – bring your own device to work and play

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Tea / Coffee / Drinking Water

  • Conference Rooms

  • Kitchen Facilities

  • Access to Printer, Scanner & Copier

  • Secure storage space

  • On-site Library

  • Events & Workshops

  • Legal & Accounting services


Pricing Plans:











1 day access


6 working days in a month

24 working days in a month

1 day access to your own awesome private office seating up to 3 people

1 hour access to conference room & common areas

250 INR/-

1,400 INR/-

5,000 INR/-

1,000 INR/-

200 INR/-







Address:  IndieLoft, 4th floor, Lusine Tower, Next to Travotel, Wardha Road, Nagpur- 440025, INDIA.


 +Email:     [email protected]

 +Mobile: (+91) 9545023000

 +Twitter: @indieloft

 +Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/indieloftcoworking