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Coworking Ithaca

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The Hive


141 The Commons, Suite 7, 3rd floor Ithaca, NY 14850


The CoLab Hive


The Hive is Ithaca’s Original Coworking Space


Forge new relationships. Feel the productivity.

Join the hum of The Hive, Ithaca’s original coworking space.


CoLab Hive is a cowork space opened by CoLab Cooperative as a home for the Ithaca coworking movement. 

The CoLab Hive is dedicated – like the coworking movement itself – to the values of collaboration, openness, community, accessibility, and sustainability in the workplace. 

It’s great for freelancers who often work from home but could use a dedicated work space to help stay productive, take meetings, solicit feedback from peers and a stare out a nice big 3rd story window and dream. 

Coworking offers unexpected collaborative opportunities that enrich lives and communities. 

We have spaces open! And we love early adopters. Check out our membership page for details, plans and pricing.