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Coworking Hattingen

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fluxWorx Coworking im Ruhrgebiet (Hattingen)


Small, brand-new coworking space in Hattingen, Ruhr area. Renting out flex desks. Beta coworkers welcome already, although we are still in the process of refurbishing the space! During the setup phase, there is a special cooperation with the climbing gym: Combined day-tickets for bouldering and coworking for less than 10 €... stay fit!



Please call and make an appointment before you visit!



  • Internet access
  • desks & table
  • 230V power supply



Reachable by

  • car (B51)
  • public transport: bus 332 (50m), bus SB37 (800m)
  • bycicle and foot (400m from the old railway track Hattingen-Sprockhövel-Wuppertal)



Phone: 02324 9900754

Web: www.fluxworx.de

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fluxworxCowork

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fluxworxCoworking

Address: Bredenscheiderstr. 119b, 45527 Hattingen